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Bella’s 11-ish charTREATerie Birthday

I realize this post is a couple of months late, but better late than never. I’m finally getting around to recapping Bella’s 11-ish Birthday and sharing all the details of the goodies on her charTREATerie board. I wish I could say Covid is the reason we didn’t have a party, but Bella is not very fond of other dogs to begin with so this was her ideal birthday.

How do you get Bella to sit still for photos?

I often get asked how I get Bella to sit still for photos. There’s no secret other than she hates wearing a party hat. She freezes like a mime the second I put it on, and it’s usually on just long enough to snap a few photos before she starts pawing it away. If only I could train her to start taking my photos, then it would make this Instagram gig a whole lot easier. HA!

How many treats did you let Bella eat?

The other frequently asked question. Bella snagged about 4 pumpkin bones off of this board while I was snapping pictures. Other than that she only got cucumber slices, blueberries, and a small piece of whoopie pie that was on part of her dinner. She got to snack on the rest throughout the next week. Some of the treats were given to her dog cousin and dog aunt in lieu of their absence from the party.

What human foods are safe for dogs?

When in doubt, Google. If you’re looking for other foods that are safe for dogs, here are a couple of resources for you to check out:

Okay, let’s dive into this charTREATerie board…

Dog charTREATerie 101:

Moving from left to right, here are all the items on her board!

The face you make when you realize all of your favorite things are on one board….

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